Hello & Welcome 

           I am Mary and that's my Boxer named Gertrude but we call her "Gerti" and it was because of her that brought me to be interested in Reiki and to become a practitionor of it. Seeing she is a Boxer she is prone to cancer and that day came in 2003 when her Doctor told me she had a cancer tumor, I felt helpless in my effeorts to help her other then making sure she was seen by her doctor when ever needed. I needed to do more....So I went to the Reiki Level one class which was held at Ripley Greene Chiropratic Center in Walpole, Massachusetts. My Reiki Master is Penelope Jewel, (Thank You Penelope).
I had no intent of using Reiki for anything but for my Gerti but this is such a wonderful thing that I had to share it with other animals who may be in need so I took on a couple of animal clients and then a couple of human clients so a year later I went back to become a level 2 practitoner.
I also took a one day class in "Animal Companion Reiki" which was taught by
Aileen D'Angelo...A big Thank You to you too Aileen!

Most people have many questions about Reiki, like myself in the beginning and if you go to "Reiki.org" all the answers will be there to find.

            If you are interested in a session for yourself or your pet just Email me at:

   I am located in Box Springs,Georgia and I do house calls.

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